2018 Recipient

Allison Carter of Centerville is a civic minded individual who naturally gives back to her community. She has volunteered for years at various town wide events and was recently nominated as Barnstable High’s first MIAA ambassador, allowing her to identify areas of concern within the community where student athletes can make an impact.  As an individual interested in food waste and sustainability, Allison is most proud of her organization Mission Cape Cod, which started as a school project. Mission Cape Cod is a “student driven initiative to make our local community a more clean, green, and sustainable place”. After discovering that Barnstable High School produces approximately 1,000 pounds of food waste weekly, Allison worked tirelessly with classmates and community members to obtain an Ecovim machine for her school via grants. This machine turns food waste into a soil amendment that can be used as fertilizer. Through this endeavor not only did Allison assist in the diversion of thousands of pounds of food waste, but she also created a transitional program for 18-22 year old students.. In addition to their academic program, these individuals will learn specific roles such as servicing and running the Ecovim machine. You can learn more about Allison’s work at mission capecod.org. We applaud her creativity and wish her the best as she continues her education at University of Massachusetts-Amherst this fall