2019 Recipient

Catherine participates in a wide variety of school based and community centered service work. She channels her passions of music, writing, and working with children into purposeful volunteer activities. As her school’s principal cellist, she uses her leadership and musical talents to organize performances by student musicians at area nursing homes and her town’s senior center. Additionally, she organized a charity concert to benefit a local food pantry.

Catherine’s work with children includes teaching religious education to fourth graders, assisting a kindergarten Daisy Girl Scout troop, and mentoring a young girl with Prader Willi’s Syndrome.

Catherine’s self-less spirit led her to create the Random Acts of Kindness Club at her high school. This club’s mission is to promote a friendly and kind environment for the school community by sharing positive messages, performing random acts of kindness, and giving back to those in need in her community. Inspired by her club, Catherine’s teachers started their own culture initiative for the school called P.R.I.D.E, (Positivity, Respect, Integrity ,Drive, and Empathy.

We are proud to award Catherine a Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation Scholarship and know she will continue to make an impact as she continues her studies at Salve Regina University this fall.