2020 Recipient

Jennifer is a natural leader and creative problem solver. As an immigrant from Guatemala, she saw first-hand the impact of inequality, racism, and healthcare disparities on her family and community. She realizes how lucky she is and is taking every opportunity to create a better life for herself and her family in the United States. 

Noticing her neighbors and fellow students anxious about their immigration status, Jennifer joined the Student Immigration Movement, to present clear, accurate, information and dispel myths and fears related to immigration. Mayor Walsh took notice of Jennifer’s hard work and advocacy and asked her to serve on the Boston Mayor’s Youth Council. While serving on the council, she was instrumental in the city investing almost five million dollars in restoring Noyes Park in East Boston. Combining her love of research and environmental science, Jennifer presented a case for its restoration, which included the need to protect natural ecosystems, decrease urban heat island effect, and increase green space for the community. In addition, another one of Jennifer’s research and experiments placed first in the Boston City Wide Science and Engineering Fair, providing evidence for the banning of plastic bags in the city of Boston and in Lynn a year later. We appreciate Jennifer’s dedication to science, her selfless spirit, and are honored to present her with a Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation Scholarship. We wish her well as she continues her studies at Endicott College.