Katie Curran

2016 Recipient

Katie Curran of Pocasset understands the importance of service and is actively making a difference both locally and globally. In 2013 she founded PNG, Project Next Generation, when she came across a startling statistic stating that only one third of registered voters cast their vote in the most recent election. This fact inspired Katie to create PNG, a civics and leadership organization that offers free social science workshops to teens. Via her organization she has developed an impressive skill set for a high school student. She designs curriculum, completes grants, manages PNG’s website and connects with media outlets.

Katie has represented her organization at the Global Student Leaders Summit in Switzerland and held leadership training sessions for youth in India. She has traveled to the United Nations and the U.S. Capitol representing PNG and has even been recognized by President Obama for her dedication to service. Katie aspires to hold public office one day and we look forward to voting for her. We wish her the best as she continues her education this fall at Columbia University.