2012 Recipient

Samantha is a graduate of Foxborough High School and will be attending Simmons College in September. She will be fulfilling her dream of becoming a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Samantha has lived on the grieving end of social work and through personnel tragedy she found her passion for helping others. She attended a bereavement facilitator-training program and started a bereavement group at her high school. In addition to helping the bereaved, Samantha devotes considerable amounts of time to chapters of Substance Abuse Free Environment (SAFE) Anti-Drug coalition and is the President of Students Against Destructive Decisions Club (SADD) in the town of Foxborough. Samantha says, “I am very proud to say that over the past few years, we have continuously grown into a very dedicated and powerful club focused on positively influencing other students to live healthy and safe lives.” Samantha is an active member of the National Honor Society with a difficult course load, while still being able to take time for others. Samantha’s commitment to helping others and her drive to make a difference, make her a Mark Bavis Leadership Scholarship recipient. We wish her the best as she pursues her passions at Simmons College in the fall.