2010 Recipient

As a youth Community organizer at Sociedad Latina, Tatianna helps to engage youth to become civically aware and active.  She has completed leadership and community outreach trainings, including understanding government, door knocking, public speaking, organizing meetings with political figures (including Mayor Menino, City Councilors, State Legislators and the School Committee). In the last four years she has worked with Massachusetts Youth Against Tobacco.  She took part in surveying store fronts throughout Boston and presented a case to city officials.  The group was rewarded with an ordinance passed by the City Council limiting the amount on advertisement allowed in storefronts.

Tatianna also has worked on an education campaign. The goal of the campaign was to ensure that the voice of youth was presented in the discussions regarding this year’s budget cuts. She took an active role in organizing the first youth budget hearing for the City of Boston.  As a facilitator, she presented her peers with comprehensive information, so they may provide an informed opinion on the issues directly affecting them. She has a passion for working on quality and equitable education.  Tatianna says, “I felt empowered by using my voice to make change.  These experiences showed me that once you educate others to work together, we can make a difference with united voices.”  Tatianna graduated in June from New Mission High School in Boston and will be attending Boston College in September.